More than a Coffee!

Saturday. It’s late at night. We’re in the most coffee-loving city of all time. Dark streets and tall surrounding buildings stay calm whilst the club “Creme de la Creme”, guarded by huge strong bouncers, opens its doors in front of every coffee’s expectations. All hope to enter, if only they were lucky! This is the coolest club in the city and only the most exclusive can get in, the rest are just average coffees. Johnny Cappuccino, our star, will not only enter (of course) but he will also succeed in charming any sexy sugar looking to go in. (BTW, what a name Mr. Cappuccino, what a name!)

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Client: NESTLÉ
Agency: McCann Erickson Barcelona
Títle: Más que un café
Realization-Direction: 23lunes
3D Studio: 23lunes
Post-production: 23lunes

Voice Over: MA. Jenner/Alberto Mieza/Sergi Zamora, Isabel Valls
Sound: AudioClip
Music: Composición original de Trafalgar 13

Creative Team: JOAQUÍN BARBERO (Creative Dir.), LAURA MARCO (Copy), TONY VEIGA (Art Dir.)
Equipo cuentas: MATHILDE PAQUEREAU (dtora. de cuentas), CARLOS CALVO (executive)
Producer: CLAUDIA MAYER (Los Producers)

------23L Credits

Sergio Jimenez: Director, realization
Bor Arroyo: 3D Director, modeling, shading, texturing, lighting&render, post-production
David llópis: Animation Director, Senior Animator
Vincenzo Leombruno: Character TD
Hector Muñoz: Senior Animator
Oriol Mayolas: Modeling, shading, texturing, lighting&render
Javier Regueiro: Modeling, shading, texturing, lighting&render
Rebeca Puebla: Character modeller
David Cabrera: Character Design, matte painting
Joseba Alexander: Character design, concept art

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